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This mega-city has come along way since it’s humble beginnings as a fishing village - earning titles such as the world’s’ most populated metropolitan area’, ‘most expensive city’, and newly ‘triple the amount of fine dining Michelin stars than Paris!’ Not to mention thriving after a complete rebuilt from a major earthquake in 1923 and the devastation that was World War II. So it’s easy to see how all this high-tech metal and neon grew out of the ashes.

Tokyo is an explosion for the senses – taking you from one extreme to the other. The dichotomy between old and new, Zen and chaos – where ancient temples and ornate shrines, traditional ceremonies and age-old festivals peacefully coexist alongside state of the art high-rise buildings, harried shopping districts and the bustling nightlife of this futuristic metropolis. It’s a strange and exciting new world… where nothing has been lost in translation.