New York
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The Big Apple is a proud city, ripe and bursting with a rich history of both American and foreign culture. It has everything the traveller could want, from world-class food to hip night spots and enough shopping to keep you busy for weeks! With so many different amusements, available at all hours (this city really never sleeps) and such diversely different neighbourhoods… you’ll find that no two trips here are ever the same. The shiny exterior of this new age graciously frames the old world flavour that was created by so many early immigrants, making this great city what it is today: A bustling melting pot of a Metropolis. And there’s absolutely nowhere like it on earth!

Years ago NYC had a bad reputation for being unsafe and the locals were stereotyped as rude and abrasive, but they’ve really overcome both. Travelling here is safer than ever and I think that most New Yorkers are honest, open people who would love to share their city with you. Just give them a chance… sit down and buy them a beer and see what you learn!