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The capital of Bavaria is not just about beer and pretzels (although they are worth the plane ticket alone!), but also about time-honored tradition. Everything this proud city does, they do the old fashioned way – from their world-class beer and sausages to their famous festivals and celebrations. But Munich has some surprises hidden under its Lederhosen… a hip, modern side that will delight the serious shopper, art lover, nightclubber and restaurant connoisseur – gaining it top scores in ‘best cities of the world’ lists, year after year.

The surrounding areas offer a taste of nature not to be surpassed with stunning Alps, picturesque villages and lakes so large they call them ‘seas’. A year-round delight from beer gardens to Christmas markets – so it doesn’t matter when you make you’re journey here - these friendly folks really know how to show you a good time. Not just an advertising campaign - Munich truly loves you!